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Jocelyn Dueck: Language in Song; Song in Language

ThumbnailIn this age of instant information, answers to questions seem immediate. It is not uncommon for me, when I am faced with the occasional memory lapse during class, to hear a student say, ‘Just a minute’, whip out her smart phone, and track down the answer in a matter of seconds. It’s enough to make the most ..

François LeRoux: French Diction for Singers

ThumbnailDetails or essentials ? 

For non-French singers, the difficulties in singing French correctly can be easy to explain. The issues are: French has more vowels than many other languages, especially English, with some peculiar nasal vowels. Liaisons are ...


ThumbnailI was blessed to grow up in a country that was justifiably proud of its cultural heritage and in a school system in which the study of music was an important part of the curriculum. My earliest memories of community music-making were in these elementary school music classes, and my love of Canadian folk song began there. Edith Fulton Fowke’s first volume of Songs of Canada (co-edited with Richard Johnson) became

Liz Upchurch: Memories of Martin Isepp

ThumbnailAs a musician I have been blessed in my life with incredible teachers who have inspired and guided me. However, the most extraordinary mentor I’ve had in my life was Martin Isepp. As a young pianist in the 80’s studying at the Royal Academy of Music my aspirations were in solo and chamber music

Graham Johnson: The Songmakers' Almanac Returns

ThumbnailThirty-five years ago, four singers and I came together to present concerts under the banner of The Songmakers’ Almanac. ‘Makers’ of songs were taken to be composers and their poets, and further down the production line, singers and their pianists. The leaflet advertising the first series promised “a song-anthology come-to-life, a flexible singing repertory group which aims to celebrate anniversaries, outstanding events, and special subjects in unusual programmes which will depart from the long-established song-recital format.” Gerald Moore, Eric Sams and Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau were patrons. Felicity Lott and Richard Jackson, soprano and baritone of the new group, gave the inaugural recital, Our Pleasant Vices, at the Purcell Room, South Bank, on 4 October 1976

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